The wirelesslayoutdefs. extension adds additional subpanels to wireless views. This extension is only applicable to modules running in backward compatibility mode.


有关以下3d彩吧论坛属性可用。欲了解更多信息,请参阅 延期财产 documentation.

财产 价值
3d彩吧论坛范围 模块
糖变量 $ layout_defs.
3d彩吧论坛目录 。/风俗/Extension/modules/<module>/ ext / wirelesslayoutdefs /
编译3d彩吧论坛文件 。/风俗/<module>/ ext/wirelesslayoutdefs/wireless.subpaneldefs.ext.php.
清单installdef. $ InstallDefs ['wireless_subpanels']




When working directly with the filesystem, you can create a file in 。/风俗/Extension/modules/<module>/ ext / wirelesslayoutdefs / to add a subpanel to a module in the system. The following example will add a new subpanel to a specified module:

。/风俗/Extension/modules/<module>/ ext / wirelesslayoutdefs /<file>.php


$layout_defs['<module>']['subpanel_setup']['<subpanel module>'] = array(
    'order' => 10,
    'module' => '<subpanel module>',
    'get_subpanel_data' => '<subpanel name>',
    'title_key' => 'LBL_SUBPANEL_TITLE',

导航到管理员> Repair > Quick Repair and Rebuild. The system will then rebuild the extensions and compile your customization into 。/风俗/modules/<module>/ ext/wirelesslayoutdefs/wireless.subpaneldefs.ext.php..


When building a module loadable package, you can use the $ InstallDefs ['wireless_subpanels'] index to install the extension file.


名称 类型 描述
细绳 要安装的文件的基本路径
to_module. 细绳 将安装文件的模块的键

The example below will demonstrate the proper install definition that should be used in the ./manifest.php. 文件 in order to add the subpanel file to a specific module. You should note that when using this approach Sugar will automatically execute Rebuild Extensions to reflect the subpanel in the system.



$manifest = array(

$installdefs = array(
    'id' => 'wirelessLayoutdefs_Example',
    'wireless_subpanels' => array(
            'from' => '<basepath>/Files/custom/Extension/modules/<module>/ ext / wirelesslayoutdefs /<file>.php',
            'to_module' => '<module>',

Alternatively, you may use the $installdefs['copy'] index to copy the file. When using this approach, you may need to manually run repair actions such as a Quick Repair and Rebuild. For more information on the $installdefs['copy'] index and module-loadable packages, please refer to the 介绍清单 page.

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